What is the Beta version?

The Beta version is the first version of a software released for community use. Its usual aims are both to to test its functional capability in a real environment and to serve as feedback to its developpers.


What is the "PangoScrum Beta"?

"PangoScrum Beta" is the PangoScrum product using the beta version of this software. We released PangoScrum for community use intending to get costumer feedback on the product.


Is "PangoScrum Beta" free?

Yes, "PangoScrum Beta" is totally free, you won't be charged anything for using it.


How long will PangoScrum beta be available?

PangoScrum beta, i.e., PangoScrum in beta version, will be available for a limited period of time. We still haven’t set a date for the end of that availability period. As we have a commitment to transparency in our relationship with the costumers, we can guarantee that the whole community will be informed in advance of the end of this availability period.


Will that be when the period of availability of the beta version of PangoScrum ends?

PangoScrum will become a commercial applicative after the beta version expires. That means its use may be charged. We remind you that all users will be notified in advance, by means of register data, of the end of the beta period.


What will happen to my account when the beta period of PangoScrum ends?

We will establish a period of migration of your account from PangoScrum beta to commercial PangoScrum. During that period you will be able to choose among the plans offered in PangoScrum commercial the one that suits you more. Each and every plan will have a trial period for you to use the plan you chose in your migration.