Screenshot: Sprint Overview

Deliver more software, always.

Straightforwardly and without any interference in your Scrum, improve continually your efficiency in deliveries.
Get feedback to take the right decisions, accessing easily the relevant and more up to date real-time information.

Screenshot: Product Backlog

Manage your Product Backlog.

How do you manage your product backlog?
With PangoScrum you will write, estimate and rank priorities in your product backlog through a simple and friendly interface.

Screenshot: Sprint Planning

Plan sprints more

PangoScrum will make you work faster.
Your Sprints will be planned objectively, with no bureaucracy and greater agility.

Screenshot: Sprint Calendar

Schedule events easily.

Are your teams aligned with a schedule?
In PangoScrum the dates of your planning, review and retrospective meetings will be scheduled in a calendar for easy display and access.

Screenshot: Dashboard

Join now! It's free!

PangoScrum Beta is totally free and its use is unlimited. Register right now! Your account will be ready for use in a few moments.
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More power to your Scrum.

Give more value to the clients and reduce product time to market: Scrum does that for you.
Manage keeping the process simple and supple: PangoScrum does that for you.

Keep your own board.

PangoScrum does not intend to replace your task board.
Keep on using it!
We believe it is important to use a physical task board.

Prioritize by dragging

Prioritize by dragging



Schedule events

Schedule events

Edit quickly

Edit quickly